Genuine Character

Good Morning free arrow-stories - Mr.Y is working in a private work. His family has his household wife and four sons. His sons studying two of private institutions and two are semi sponsored government institution. Good Morning free arrow-stories - Mr. Y always best impressions of his work and his behavior at office, neighbors, at family normal. He does not allow any high level maintenance. His children s has grown from kids to high school level. First two sons who studying in private institutions their behavior or very hurdle at home always they are quarreling and their demands for high level household or their needs. And they are not listening to their mother or father,i.e. Mr. Y’s words. The other two sons who studying in a semi sponsored government institution they keep a good behavior and always helpful to both mother and father. In this matter first two sons against always their parents and other two sons. Good Morning free arrow-stories - His sons completed at School level and grown into College Education. The first two son’s behavior has now changed and sometime beating their parents and always quarrel their other two brothers. Good Morning free arrow-stories - Mr.Y approached few specialists and taken counsel both parents. As per specialists, guidance both Mr.Y and his wife attending any occasion their first two son’s behavior on occasion with the members, including Mr.Y and his wife and the other two brothers are very excellent, sincere and decent. After that at home, the behavior as it is. Hence, parents decided when they leisure must bring their first two sons to every group activity and occasions and other programs. Good Morning free arrow-stories - Psychological behavior first two sons always they need recognition from others. The other two sons molded to normal life and they simply live and helping to his parents.

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