Education is different

Good Morning free arrow-stories - A Middle level family living in a Town. In that family superior working in a private work, his wife doing design work and their children’s One Son and Two Daughters studying college education. Good Morning free arrow-stories - The children’s also doing private works and conducting tuition's up to middle school. Their family outside works update his son. Their nearby a rich family staying and they have two sons and six daughters. The rich family superior also very hard worker and never lazy any time. Good Morning free arrow-stories - One day the rich man asks to middle level family head for his son to conduct Rich man son also well-educated. The rich man's son always interest in playing cricket and he studied up to secondary education afterwards he joined college education but not attending his institution. Good Morning free arrow-stories - Some years after the poor family head's son completed his higher education and doing private jobs with limit earning. The rich man son discontinued his studies and he lives royally and be designated in the high level society. Because his education career is poor, but his hobby cricket. Good Morning free arrow-stories - He played his best role in the district player and got high reputation in this cause some of business persons given a job as a high designation to him. Good Morning free arrow-stories - Education is different, Hobbies are different. Life will lead their own talent.


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