Strength of Business

Good Morning free arrow-stories - In a Town a middle level family with two children’s Mr.A and Mr. B. living. Family head doing small business and his wife household. His children’s Mr.A, Mr. B are two brothers studying school level. In School level Mr. A and Mr.B attended regularly, but Mr. B has always depended his brothers suggestions, advises at school, after school playing and doing other activities he always taking his brother advice and not doing any self activities. At home also he behaves half knowledge and demanding his brother advice and every activity. Their school education completed afterwards their college studies continuing. Mr.B. not doing any activities individually and always depending his brother. Their education completed and Mr. A. willing to do business. Good Morning free arrow-stories - He took some loan from financial corporations and doing his business with intelligently. And Mr. his loan from financial corporate returned and doing his business with a great popularity and earning good profits. His father understanding his children’s activities and he worried about his son Mr.B. because he cannot capable any activities independently. He asked Mr. A. he intelligently replies don’t worry time will learn with him for understanding. Mr. A. planned for Mr. B business independently. Good Morning free arrow-stories - But Mr. B. told to Mr.A. how can I do my business individual I don’t know what I will do. And I will with Your Business. But Mr.A. thinks about his father and after his marriage. Mr. A given financial source to Mr.B. and he advised every business solution. His father arranged marriage, both Mr.A and Mr.B. and Mr.A and Mr.B. well with their family partners. Mr. and Mr. living with his parents combined well. Good Morning free arrow-stories - After some years their parents passed away. Mr. B’s attitude, his depressed, but Mr. A activities well and confident and he doing his business well. Mr.A and Mr.B living separately. Both are separately doing business. B is not confident about his ability. In this reason he is always depending his brother A and taking his advice and co-operation in business dealings. His business with profits and more popularity through his brother's cooperation with his brother. One day A’s wife came to B’s house. A’s wife discussed with B's wife, family matters and her pride told that your husband doing business more profits this is happening through my husband. This topic discussion everything told Mr. B's wife to Mr.B. Mr.B thinking about his ego. I am not a bad person. May be my brother told his wife. I prove my ability not in words by action. I don’t take my brother’s advises and I will do my business and earn more profitable. Mr. B’s wife told him I want that type of your character, ability and tomorrow on-wards you independently prove what you are. B also on that day not taking advises, cooperation with his brother A. Him is doing his business by own self. His business popularity as it is and profits normal view. He thinks about his business and how can take risks and solves he discussed with his wife and he assesses the decisions about himself and with his wife. If the decisions will implement what happens and the result will any loss to the business. Good Morning free arrow-stories - He searched the similar business doing and their issues and how they solved. He learned some business techniques and doing independently. One day A came to be and he observed his brother B business and his appreciate B for well in business. He told to B you are quite confident about doing your business. I am happy about you independently do your business. I wish you for a good prospectus in the future. B replied as you understand my capability and confident about my business without your advises and say to your wife. Mr.A pleasantly replied my dear brother, my wife told your wife as my plan for your talent to know yourself and today I am there,but tomorrow anything happens to me then nobody given certain best suggestion to your business hence I planned for my wife and implemented to known your ability. Good Morning free arrow-stories - Today you will independently do your business and I am happy. B understand his brother's ability and replied pleasantly excuse me and hugged with brother.

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