A Student's Story

Good Morning free arrow-stories - In a classroom Teacher explained the lesson to the students. A student came to the class and asking permission to an entrance to the class. But Teacher refused and asked him why you came late to the classroom this is happening so many times. Daily you missed your class and how you will pass in the subjects. That student replied to his Teacher as “ Respected Teacher I was completely learned today class yesterday night in my home. The Teacher replies why you joined to school you stay at home and learned yourself and attempt your education. Good Morning free arrow-stories - That student replied “Respected Teacher I was only one son to my parents, I served both and I respect my education a great value. The Teacher suddenly asks what happened to your parents. The student replied they are patients and they need my help as daily activities and their aim to become my education career good. Hence, I am not wasting my time and I served my parents and attending school only, other activities of mine at night reading books. The teacher replies very respectfully my dear student every student learned like you. But he told to the Teacher it is not possible Teacher every student living and other activities are very different for each student. Please do not compare to my life to other students and do not tell anybody, I do not want my career as popular. Because if I may popular my parents will lose my service this is my request. Good Morning free arrow-stories - Teacher proudly wishes of the student and told to the student when you want to come to the school you may come and I wish you for your education also best of your knowledge. After 31 years the same Teacher and the same Student visited in a hospital. The Teacher is a guardian of the patient that is her cousin sister and pleasingly assisting with her. The Teacher asked the Student what you are doing now? Are you settled your career? How you stay here in the hospital? The student replies to the Teacher I am with my parents know and my parent's medical check up regularly. Hence, I am here. My career, completing my education and doing consolidate work pay privately. The Teacher asks him you are very intelligent and how many marks you get. The student replies Teacher I am getting average and not a highly secured. The Teacher asks him why not try a better career doing a better job and you get a lot of money. The student replies if I may get the best place my responsibility also the same. And there is no scope for assisting my parents. The Teacher asks if you got a better place you have a lot of money and you appoint any medical assistant to your parents. The student replies Teacher how can I explain this! If medical assistant that works for money their time are also limited, but they're affectionate is also different. Good Morning free arrow-stories - The Teacher is introduced to their family as he dedicated to their parents. Student requests to the Teacher not to tell anybody because the student does not want to become popular. The Teacher asks if any, financial needs you ask me, the student refused for financial needs and requests for the Teacher blessings of a good person is best. The student replies to the Teacher every education is in the books, but how can learn in social activities is not mentioned in books. A Teacher will explain and guided how to role activities in social life. Finally, the student requested to the Teacher every Teacher will help and guided like you so many students will serve their parents and help to their families. Good Morning free arrow-stories - Students also learn and grow their education along with social activities and role in social life. Every child's first Teacher is a father, mother after School Teacher and after who teaches in higher education is important in every one's life.

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