Greetings and Wishes to someone what will happens?

Good Morning free arrow-stories - On the Planet have so many Great Religions, Cultures, and People in different Languages. In the world have Great Cultures in different Religions. Every Culture has been celebrating a particular day or date. On that date and day, all are very colorful with happy moments with their Friends, Relatives, and Well-wishers a partly unknown person in social media entire Globe. On the Great Occasion day and date of different Great Religions, People and Culture are wishing to all their Friends, Relatives and known and unknown in the social media for Why? Because the user wishes heart full feeling gain through happiness, when he feels happy the inner soul also want’s the entire Globe also share their happiness. The good wisher stay in their Country they wish in the morning, but other Countries different time zone’s I mean evening, afternoon or night. The Age wise people wish different Greetings and Wishes to known and unknown people. After they wish their feeling is no words to explain. The people on the Planet celebrating with a Festival or any of the Religion Occasions related to happiness and meditation. Good Morning free arrow-stories - The happiness and meditation brings a powerful thought and a beautiful observation in nature and increase the creativity, strength, concepts and totally gain a good thought bring new way. Happiness doesn't relate to money, but the need of money to spend the life. In someone's life It may little or huge, but their happiness is not value through currency. The respect in every life tuning their Cultures. Lifetime is very short. A Lifespan average in every human life is hundred years. In that hundred years from childhood to teenage that is eighteen years in the protection of parents and guardians, remaining Eighty Two years less daily sleeping time Eight hours. It is explained: Every Human Life approximately or above 100 Years. 100 Years =36525 days, 876600 hours. Less: Sleeping time =12175 days, 292200 hours. Total Time=24350 days, 584400 hours. Less: Child Age:0-18 Years = 6570 days, 157680 hours. Remaining Total Time=17780 days, 426720 hours. Good Morning free arrow-stories - Every Life is beautiful. It’s every human life design himself/herself. Happiness brings everything, it is not related to money.Thank You Readers.

Recommendation for why?

Good Morning free arrow-stories - The postman called as "post", at the entrance of the house of C. C came out for receiving the postman letter. The postman given the letter to C, and asked interview letter and his wishes to C and asks if selected a grand party will give. C simply reply this call letters earlier you were given I was attended but the results were declared and not qualified, But this time I will prepare by the blessing of God may decide and if I may select first off I may give to my parents for this credit because of my parents who waiting for a long time even though both are old aged and they are using the medicine. And I may give my assistance to both my parents and I will support both of them in future medical expenses and all. The postman has gone his duty other houses, C return back to his house, parents asking him about the letter, he replied my dear parents I am well prepared my academics for the interview. The post is "AMO/AMT", in a permanent post, eligibility M.Com.,/C.A.,/C.A.(Inter), M.B.A.(Finance). I am eligible and completed M.Com., and also having a similar experience, It is an Interview Call Letter by in Person discussion about Academic, Experience discussions. The parents well wish him and prepare to attend. He enquired about the distance to and from 1024 Km., fare at reservation counter, train, bus and he compare both, but train fare is high and the book at normal Road Transport for the schedule to be attending the interview. He packed all his needs for two days traveling along with his certificates, photocopies, Call letter, photographs. He brings medicines to both his parents and kept their near and given instructions, not to overstress and feel normal. Good Morning free arrow-stories - The parents given their good wishes to him and send off to him. He started his journey from his reservation booked Bus. He reached around morning 6.30 A.M. interview to be conducted city and refresh bathing and taken snacks. He enquired there interview location how to reach the Bus Station. The inquiry to him the bus no.24. C searched the plat farms for his pickup bus no.24 but their mother tongue is different, they're all the bus numbers written their language he does not understand. The passengers help he taken and picked his bus and reached his interview location. He entered into the Company and the Office persons allotted a waiting room to the applicants. C was the first person reached and waiting in that room and preparing his academics. After half an hour, two persons reached there, there are also two different states. Another half an hour three persons reached the waiting room two are also different states and one person the same city which is conducting the interview. C and all other five also enquired at the office room about the applicants how many appearing for this interview. The Office persons reply to them as "These interview applicants are Six members throughout Nationwide for two posts of "AMO/AMT" All six members discussed their academics and all the six members wishing them self for best of luck. At around 10 A.M. the Interview schedule fixes and called one by one. First called the one person who reached second half. Good Morning free arrow-stories - Each candidate interview conducted one and half hour. C, after he attends his interview there six members of the committee, interviewed first of his qualification and the details, Afterwards relevant about the post. All are well attended. The Interview Committee instructions given to them around 3 PM result will be announced. The applicants discussed each other their interview questions. The main questions asked how many languages you know, Is there any authenticate recommendation letter, experience. Around 3 PM results announced two members, one is who brings authenticate recommendation letter and another one known two languages. C and not selected candidates returned back to their destination and strongly decide even if they face any type of objections will come, but not to use anywhere recommendation letters because if the qualification and experience are must possess the post why need recommendations of others. C returned back to his house and all his family disappoints and his relatives scolded him about his decision. Good Morning free arrow-stories - After 20 years One of the mate applicant meets at C living city and both have confidently felt themselves. C and also another applicant doing privately frequently changed without recommendation jobs.

Who's responsible?

Good Morning free arrow-stories - It was a great Sunrise of great beauty. The sun shines bright. The people were busy with their preparation of their works, attending schools, Institutions, Business and relevance of their own. An applicant who received a call letter earlier and preparing to journey through common transport to attend his interview on the next day to be held in another place which is distance nearly 200km. The applicant all his certificates and an equipment through the test conducted by his interviewer. He is engaged an auto rickshaw from his residence to public common transport vehicle i.e. Bus(Non-stop). His neighbors and well wishers all are sending off to him. The applicant reached Bus Station and he sits in his seat. His Co passengers ask him about his details and he replies this interview I prepared a lot and if I may select my life settle job (Government). The applicant asks his Co passengers' details they were replied one old aged passenger attending his treatment purpose, another passenger attending their daughter’s son function and one sports person attending his tournament district level at all the destination place is the same. Good Morning free arrow-stories - The Bus driver also well wish to all the passengers and very careful driving in his experience. The Bus started an hour going very slowly because in the city limits the traffic is much more. After crossing the city limit the Bus going normal speed. After some far distance that is one forth distance travelled the Bus Driver stopped the Bus for taking tea time and refreshment and keep a lunch pack to everyone because afterwards the Bus will travel non-stop to their destination. All the passengers relaxed during tea time and refreshment and keep their lunch packs. The Bus moving middle level speed and they reached half of the distance. All the passenger taken their lunch pack and relaxed every passenger. Suddenly the Bus was stopped in the middle of the forest at night 12.30AM. Every passenger enquired through their Bus Driver. The Driver replies to the passengers the Bus is shut down and not started. The passengers fluctuated their journey. The Bus Driver told to every passenger just now I inform to the Bus Station of destination Station they are sending near the location mechanics, technical persons. After an hour the mechanical, technical persons checked the Bus and told that the Engine cracked it is not safety to journey through this Bus. The Driver and technical persons inform to the Bus Station. The Station Master told to that Driver the same route another Bus coming and all the passengers get into that Bus. The Bus reached after 45 minutes and the Bus is full of passengers seated, the failure Bus passengers get into that Bus and all are standing and travelled up to their destination place. The applicant was very stress, feeling due to standing journey and lack of sleeping and refresh at the Bus Station. The applicant reached his interview location with his equipment to be test conducted. At interview location allotted the applicant through Hall Ticket Numbers. The Applicant showed his Hall Ticket and his equipment. The Test began at 10.00A.M. to 12.30P.M. The applicant well prepared but not attempt cleverly because standing journey and lack of sleeping effects on his Interview Test. Good Morning free arrow-stories - After his test what he expects the result also announced on the day evening. After his test he went near ground of the interview location and sleep couple of hours. After he wakes up and went to the Interview location the result will announce within half an hour. The applicant waited and after an hour the result displayed on notice board. The applicant was not passed in that Test. The passed applicants Interview on the same day Certification verified concern authorities afterwards allotted their job post. Good Morning free arrow-stories - The applicant was very disappointed these tests and interview.

What is a Blog?

Good Morning free arrow-stories - The blog is a creative presentation of an idea, expressing through videos, photos and an article publishing and share to the friends, readers. Blogging design depends on design through so many categories which the person who wants to design their own idea. Some persons wants’ to express their idea’s through videos, another one with photos, so many persons through videos, photos and articles. The unique idea I mean self design articles if they are popular or not is the best as is the videos, photos and articles which to be published through blogger. Someone expresses their idea’s through blogger without expecting I mean nothing except profit on his/her idea through blogs. Someone expresses their idea’s though blogger with profit through advertisement, affiliation and popular monetization relevant advertisements. If a blogger wants’ to earn through blogging first of all his plans and prepare to publish his ideas regularly without discontinuing because of traffic drive to their blog or someone to purchase the traffic to their blog. They must preferred to purchase the custom domain if they wants’ to earn profit. Good Morning free arrow-stories - Simply I explain we want to read the daily newspaper in the Library. At Library so many daily newspapers will there. And we choose which one? When the daily newspaper either branded or very attracted we select. As the same blogging platform also different types of blogging websites free blogging and purchase a domain and blogging. Every blog or website is for ‘Reader’. The article interested readers choose their need and visited to that blog or website either branded or attracted or their interest. Who wants’ to design their idea may be personal, commercial, business or different type of categories to create a blog they must give preference to design unique mean special idea, I mean to publishing articles, photos and videos. If you create unique idea mean special thought or design and implemented to a blog is good and to update regularly through their interest posting. First of monetization of a blog, advertise on a blog, affiliation is to be growth traffic to a blog. The importance given to the unique style. Free blogging websites as, Wix.Com,, tumblr, Weebly etc. Paid custom domain, blogging websites as follows:,,,Squarespace etc. Every blog or website major role is hosting. Paid Blog Websites given their price for hosting and purchasing custom domain separately. Good Morning free arrow-stories  - Thank You All Readers for share my ideas and knowledge about creating a blog.

Top marks, top employment is the aim of the life for everyone?

Good Morning free arrow-stories - Top Marks in the field of education is not the AIM of everyone’s life because so much less scored marks in the field of education they are settled in reputed different fields. They have also mostly participated in social services other well-known services. The Top Marks scored student hard works and his or her luck. Normal marks obtained and discontinued their education some of the students also invents and given great safe services in different fields. Good Morning free arrow-stories - Top Employment is not the AIM of everyone’s life because so many persons settled and service giving to different fields and participating in their own Employer’s Organization growth. Some of the persons started their own interest safe business and partly economic growth. Top Marks and Top Employment is linked because so many fields selecting the candidates to their employment preferred the Qualification. The Top Marks and Top Employment depend on the student hard work, knowledge, skills and their luck. Good Morning free arrow-stories - The Great Persons who invented a world famous some products, without completion of their education and their practices, hard works, knowledge made the perfect product. Their practices attempt made the perfect product which using entirely the world. The knowledge, skills, and practices result in a great invention of a great product. The World famous using products who invented in some fields they are not completed their education and they invented great products and established the Organization, and given employments to hundreds, thousands, lakhs of people. Good Morning free arrow-stories - The Education is to gain knowledge which is their future interests. Some persons asking ‘can I choose this item or that item’? Each item inventor invented their product's benefits differently by their entities. The Selector confused which one suitable to him; Comparing items for selector depends on their budget and financial source. Now all the people select the best grade product, hence I will also choose even my budget also not sufficient? These types of queries in all activities in anyone’s life, how he survives. In each and everyone has their constant stability of their own life from the beginning. Really talented skills and they are hungry to invent to do service in safe activities, has skills, knowledge definitely he will create the great products, service and new methods implemented. Some persons want to swim, in that group, some of them interested small swimming pool, big swimming pool and big sea depend on their strength and their ability. The similar comparison in the field of education is the strength, ability, knowledge, skills and their sources is a plus point to their aim. Good Morning free arrow-stories - The aim of a life depends on different students, people. The satisfaction of life is different in every each other. Either to settle employment or to earn a lot of money for the reputation. The life is beautiful of everyone’s life. The selecting career will design their life, partly not a full life. But every human life insists hidden knowledge of their own skills. Some of the people have good sources to their luck, some of the people’s got luck in the middle life. But the Satisfaction is important in each and every (Top Answers),